our mission is to build a community with people who are wired to make lives easier. We are raising up Love Revolutionaries that will take up compassion, stand against injustice and spend their lives living out simple acts of God's Love.

Let's light up the world together!

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Hi everyone! My name is Kunmi.

A twenty-something year old love child of our our true Love God!

This Love for God and aching love for people  birthed The Bloom Tribe in November 2015.

After reading The Love Revolution by Joyce Meyer  in April 2016, something rose up in me. I knew had to look for better ways to express this Love.

Inspired by God to build a community of people who will use their sewing (and other) talent to pay it forward, I reached out to a couple of friends and we started this journey.

We had our first Outreach to Ikate, Surlere Lagos in December 2016. There's are still a lot of people to reach and share this Love with and I hope you'll join the tribe so that we can create true happiness and change lives together!
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