our mission is to build a community with people who are wired to make lives easier. We are raising up Love Revolutionaries that will take up compassion, stand against injustice and spend their lives living out simple acts of God's Love.

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Amidst the other ways we can serve, we are a community  community that believe in using our gifts & talent is the best way to serve, enrich lives and give back.  [1 pet 4:10]

We partner with volunteers to make clothes for less privileged children and communities.

We sew for love.

Most children from less privileged communities, especially those in orphanages,  typically receive hand-me-downs. Very rarely do they know the joys of wearing brand new never-been-worn-before clothes.  Every child deserves to have clothes specially made or bought for them. 

At Bloom tribe, we believe that giving out new clothes to these children will help them see their worth and remind them that they matter.

As these dresses are sent out and relationships are formed, we focus on providing more relief and giving hope.

Our goal
In 2016, the Sew Seeds of Love Project kicked off and we dressed about 30 children in Ikate, Surulere. In April 2017, we made over 175 plus dresses for the same community. Our goal is to dress over 500 children at Christmas every year. which means we'll need a lot of helping hands!

If you'll like to partner with us, send an email to the team lead; or sign up below to get intimated with our process. 

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